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Immigrant ‘Real Life Spiderman’ climbed four storeys to save a child, gets Macron’s blessings!

AN IMMIGRANT is being called a ‘Spiderman’ and being hailed as a hero after he saved a child left dangling from a balcony in Paris; he has been awarded French citizenship and got a job in the fire brigade.

Mamoudou Gassama, 22, told that he was ‘deeply honoured’ after French President Emmanuel Macron made the announcement which left him in shock, in a good way, at Elysee Palace this morning.

Mamoudou, who is an immigrant from an African country of Mali, was recorded by bystanders while he climbed up on the 4th floor to save a baby’s life in just under 30 seconds in Paris’ 18th arrondissement street on Saturday.

He was no less than a superhero when he climbed up the building to bring the child to safety, which shocked people present at the place of incident.

Speaking to a media outlet he told:

I did it because it was a child. I climbed… Thank God I saved him.

The video of his Spiderman-like heroism went viral on social media, in which he is, in fact, being compared to the Marvel famous character ‘Spiderman.’

The child got in the position of near-death because his father had left the flat to go shopping at a supermarket.

Malian Immigrant meets French President, He was awarded nationality and a job in fire brigade (Credits: AP)

He shared his refugee story when he met President Macron at the Presidential Palace, he told how he arrived at France without papers last year.

I left Mali a long time ago, passing through Burkina-Faso and Nigeria. It was very difficult.

He reached Libya, where he had to pay a smuggler to take him down across the Mediterranean through the sea.

It was terrible on the boat. There were so many of us, a lot of people’, he added, telling about his dangerous journey that finally took him to a hostel in the Paris suburb of Montreuil.

When the child was about to fall off the balcony, he happened to be walking through the street of the incident.

I saw all these people shouting, and cars sounding their horns. I climbed up and, thank God, I saved the child. I first felt afraid when I had saved the child. We went into the living room, and I started to shake. I could hardly stand up, I had to sit down.

France is currently under political turmoil due to a massive number of immigrants residing there without legal documentation.

The French president has a strong stance on people who are not qualified to seek asylum; he said in the past that they must be deported as soon as possible.

But Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist Mayor of Paris, said Mamoudou set an example for immigrants and why they should be welcomed with open arms.

After talking to Mamoudou on the phone, she said: ‘He explained to me that he had arrived from Mali a few months ago dreaming of building his life here.

President Marcon asked him about the baby’s health in their meeting who was rescued.

To which the hero replied: ‘He was crying, his feet were hurt.

‘Bravo,’ Macron replied, before confirming that he would be making Mamoudou ‘a legal citizen’ by presidential decree, and getting him a job in the Paris fire service.

Watch the courageous video:

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