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Illinois & Washington raise Tobacco purchasing age to 21 to protect citizens’ health

It’s said the consumption of Tobacco is not a good habit. The reason behind such claims is given that smoke is bad for health. Doctors warn regular consumers of tobacoo that its continuous use might permanently hurt the lungs of the concerned person. However, despite all the warnings people still purchase tobacco for recreational purposes. The most vulnerable group to this tobacco problem is the one which has minors. Different states have with time evolved in order to stop minors getting tobacco from sale shops. This includes making better legislation while asking the police to perform their job of implementing it.

On April 5, a new bill was signed in the state of Washington which raised the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21 years. Previously it was 18 years and now only an individual of age 21 or more can buy tobacco.

We know the risks associated with tobacco and nicotine, We know how much easier it is to prevent our children from becoming addicted in the first place than to treat the addiction later in life, or even worse, to treat the cancers and diseases caused by these products. (said State’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the state Department of Health)

The state department of health was one of the driving force behind this legislation. Parents would call this a welcome move because many of them are often found worried owing to the bad habits of their growing up adults.

Ferguson believes that this legislation would help schools fight off growing smoke culture and this would mean lesser number of kids getting addicted to the habit. Illinois had become the first state to pass legislation in order to stop individuals between 18 to 21 years of age from buying tobacco. This law was signed on April 7.

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