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Ilhan Omar uses progressive quote to counter Trump’s supporters chant of sending her back

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The matter of The Squad vs The President Trump is getting more attention than it was anticipated. The world is also sending in support for the squad, meanwhile most of the Americans are supporting Trump because of his MAGA (Make America Great Again) policies. Trump since taking his office as the President of the America has worked to promote the nationalist interests of the American nation. One proof of this policy is in shape of the Sino-American trade wars. Definitely, Trump also wants to extend his tenure by winning the next election, but that is a debate of another day.

A few days back, Trump had tweeted that those who were suggesting American government on how to exercise good governance should leave for their home countries. Trump believed that the home countries of those specific congresswomen were in turmoil; therefore, reforms were needed there. Currently, the debate from leaving voluntarily has been converted to ‘send them back.’ Trump supporters, in a recent rally started to chant, ‘send them back’ and their obvious target was The Squad.

Ilhan Omar replied in the Twitter way to the crowd chanting ‘Send them Back’

Ilhan Omar also decided to reply to Trump politics using Twitter. Therefore, she decided to quote a progressive statement from Maya Angelou.

Many of her followers praised her bravery in the face of the Trump. One follower wrote that constitution is far bigger than Trump. Another followers, secularcitizen2 wrote that he was more than interested in the squad‘s stance regarding the constitution and the Trump. He concluded that he was quite inspired by the congresswomen.

Some of the followers just criticised her behaviour and told her that no one was attacking the squad, instead everyone was criticising the squad because their opinion was not acceptable to the majority of the nation.

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