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Idiots trying to repair gas-pipeline without turning off gas-supply

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Ever saw someone trying to repair a gas pipeline with the supply of gas still functional? Well, a video of such an incident has been shared on the Reddit which has gone viral. This video shows two guys trying to repair a gas pipeline which because of heat catches fire. Then they try their best to put off the fire but useless. The video has obtained more than 22.6k votes.

The video which was shared on the Reddit a couple of hours ago mention no place or source of the video. It was uploaded by u/Dynamic_Skalaris who captioned the video, “Someone, please, tell ’em: before mending the pipe leak, gas supply needs to be turned off.” The video in a couple of hours started to gain attention of the people who were online at that time. Watch the video below:

Those who watched the video were forced to leave a comment. They couldn’t resist but to talk about the stupidity of the guys who were trying to repair the pipeline without turning off the supply of the gas. One person said that the post should be tagged as idiotsFightingThings. Well, he was right in one sense. These guys did something awkward.

Someone in the comments ironically shared another video of a streamer who accidentally put his entire house on fire because of his small mistake. This guy who shared the video ironically wrote in the comment, “There is one video on the YouTube which explains how to control such a fire.” Those who want to watch this suggestive video can watch it below.

One person wrote that these two guys shouldn’t be qualified as skilled workers as it was a fine display of incompetence. Luckily one firefighter also made to this post on Reddit and he decided to share his experience, Chazzwozzers wrote:

With gas leaks preferably ones that aren’t on fire you can wrap damp raga around the leak and the freezing cold gas will free the water and stop a majority if not all of the leak. I suspect that this is that technique being poorly executed. Obviously shutting the gas off is better and safer but this is in case that isn’t an option, furthermore a gas leak that is on fire and not directly impinging on exposures is safer than letting gas sink and flow to wherever it please – source: firefighter

Well, the place of this botched attempt to repair the pipe line has not be revealed but this post will be updated as soon as more details pour in.

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