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Husband left broke after WIFE gambles away $4.9 Million

Written by Logical Men

It has now become clear to Christopher Forte that there was something suspicious about his Indonesian wife Juliana Posman’s continuous demand for money.

He said that he was blinded by love, and the blindness went away when he found out that she had run up a £3.5million gambling debt, he and his parents were £169,000 poorer and his marriage was dead.

Miss Posman, 38, owes £2.5million to two other people who are businessmen and several other debts including the on many credit cards.

Mr. Fort, 36, told that he met his wife in 2010 and within months of meeting her he fell in love with her. Both of them were working for an IT company at the time in Egham, Surrey.

Apparently, she used to gamble on German stocks and her faith in herself was the reason that Mr. Fort fell for her.

Both of them got married at the Grosvenor Hotel in a £20,000 wedding ceremony, which was followed by another one in Indonesia, after which they went on honeymoon.

Soon after the marriage, the financial problems erupted. Mr. Forte was a well-paid software contractor but he resorted to teaching English as a foreign language in Brighton. While his wife was £90,000 a year.

After a while, she started asking her husband and his parents for a loan so that she could show had assets of £5million to get a visa.

Mr. Forte said: ‘In retrospect, it was absolute rubbish. I’m British, she was my wife, and we could have got her a legitimate visa for a couple of thousand. But I didn’t realize that – I was in love. I would wake up and she’d be in tears, saying “I need another £15,000”.

‘She’d be crying as she asked me if I could raid my savings, sell my Premium Bonds, or ask my parents. If I asked any questions she’d get more upset, say I didn’t trust her and walk out saying “You don’t want me anymore”.’

They kept on emptying their pockets. One day, the husband received a letter stating that his wife had taken a loan from a Mr. Roiter amounting to $3.2 million. It was further added in the letter that Mr. Fort was a guarantor. So, the woman had already lost millions in betting.

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