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Husband gives ultimatum to the Wife, “It’s Me OR the Dogs” – She chooses Dogs!

A WIFE chose to break up her 25-year of marriage with her husband when she was told that she had to choose him or her pack of 30 bull terriers.

Mike Haslam, 53, seemed really upset as he had to resort to giving Ms Liz an ‘it is me or the mutts’ ultimatum because it got really expensive to take care of the dogs i.e. the dogs were costing up to $16,000 a month and were requiring 18 hours a day to care for.

Liz was very involved with the dogs and saw them as her very own family, which means she had to refuse, the business manager packed his stuff, left his 25-year of marriage and is never to be heard of again.

Liz, who is also a mother-of-one, 49, said: ‘I thought after 25 years he should know giving up the dogs was not what my intentions were. But I wasn’t prepared to give it all up. So, he decided to go. I didn’t think twice about leaving the dogs.’

Both of them have been together since they were in their mid-teens and got married in 1991. They moved to Suffolk village of Barnham in a farmhouse, with two bedrooms, with their son Ollie.

The property had a huge area of half an acre, which Liz saw as a means to fulfill her lifelong dream of establishing a boarding kennel.

She also established a rescue charity for bull terriers named BedforBulies. Which consumed her life in a matter of few months because Liz was providing for 30 dogs, out of which she was keeping 15 as her own pets.

Every single day, she walks every single dog 4 times and does up to 10 loads of washing. But it was way too much for her husband, Mike, to handle and he decided to pack his bags in September 2016. Shockingly enough, that did not make Liz sad and she claims: ‘My life how I have got it is how I want it.’

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