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Husband divorces wife after watching her cheat on him through Google Maps

Marriage is something which is done once in life by most people. Hence, they think a lot before taking this important decision. Most critics say that compatibility is something which plays an important role in relationship like marriage. Compassion, love and happiness are considered as important factors to be considered while gauging the strength of any relation. No one would have ever thought of Google Maps playing some role in marriages.

A husband saw her wife on Google Maps street view. He had been searching for the right way to reach a popular bridge in Lima. Lima is the capital of Peru, hence he was using street view for a better understanding of the routes. Suddenly, he came across a familiar figure in the Google Street View Photos.

A woman was clearly visible in the photos. She was wearing white top, jeans and heels. The woman was seen stroking the hair of a man who was lying down in her lap with his heads down. The husband in his first attempt guessed that the woman was somehow related to him. Focusing upon the picture he realized that it was his wife.

Later, he confronted his wife for having an affair. She admitted having a guy in her life in the past. Later, the unnamed couple divorced. This was reported by the local news media. This news story was published by the local news agency. The unfortunate part is the couple parting ways from each other based on some past controversy.

This is not the first time when Google Maps played some role in revealing something unusual. In the past there are several unwanted things which got released on the internet because of the Google Maps. If anyone launches a search on google then he can find all the past pictures released on the internet.

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