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Husband who catches wife cheating on him with her boss might end up in ‘JAIL’ for 15-year

Written by Wamiq Ali

This husband catches his wife cheating on him with her boss and all he can face in repercussion is a possible jail-time of 15 years. The credits of the timely knowledge of his wife cheating on him for some other man go to “Find my iPhone Application“. One might wonder that how can an iPhone tracking application tell the dude about the cheating venture of his wife? Well, this happened accidentally.

The dude (husband of cheating wife) used “Find my iPhone” to track a lost gadget i-e iPad. The sooner he tracked out his lost gadget the quicker he came across his wife cheating on him with her own boss. He barged into his wife without clothes having an affair with her boss.

Sean Donis, 37yo, feels really bad both for his cheating wife and his own indictment. “I feel like it’s unjust what they’re doing to me, It’s like I’m being punished twice,” said Sean Donis to The Post. The fellow broke down in tears as he shared the videos of the cheating wife with The Post.

The iPad tracking brought Sean Donis right to the place where Nancy Doris (his wife) was involved with a dude in lascivious activities. A 7-second clip shows Nancy Doris getting involved with Albert Lopez in the dimply lit master bedroom of his house in Rockland County, New York.

The next video clip shows Nancy and Lopez covering themselves after getting caught red-handed. In this video, Sean Donis can be seen berated at his wife since he just had found her lies. Lopez ordered the Sean to leave his house to which Sean replied in affirmative.

The Lost iPad – Earlier that day, Sean’s wife had asked him to look after their kid as she wanted to go for a dinner with her friends. At some later point in the day the husband (Sean) found that the iPad was missing, so he activated the find my iPhone application in an attempt to recover the lost iPhone. He could see the device travelling to Rockland which gave an air to his insecurities as a husband. He had earlier heard rumours of her wife having an alleged affair with her boss residing in Rockland.

Dude tracked down the iPad and reached her boss home where he found his wife in bed with him, a shocking revelation.

Sean might face Jail – The dude went inside the boss’s house due to which he is going to be charged with felony burglary and unlawful surveillance. Defence lawyer believes that the dude will be fully acquitted because he committed smaller crimes to came across the heinous crime of his own wife.

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