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Husband and wife left paralysed after eating canned green beans

Written by Wamiq Ali

A married couple were left in the intense care unit after getting paralysed due to the consumption of green beans. The husband and the wife from Germany caught botulism after they ate the poisoned beans. Botulism is one of the world’s most powerful toxins known to this age.

The son escaped the ordeal because he refused to eat the green beans as he felt that they smelt a bit odd. He didn’t want to eat a foul-smelling canned green bean. Doctors near Leipzig have gone public with the details of the case to raise awareness in the public. The entire story was published in Journal of Medical Case Reports and according to it 10 cases of botulism are reported every year in Germany.

It’s worth knowing that the same lethal toxin is used in the face Botox injections. The 47yo women suffered dizziness, double vision, weakness and she struggled to speak as she entered the hospital. To the surprise of the doctors, CT and MRI scans revealed nothing. During the checkup as nothing was getting diagnosed the neurological symptoms of the woman worsened.

The woman was no longer able to open her eyes and her symptoms worsened. The 51yo old husband of the woman was admitted to the same hospital and he also showed similar symptoms. The man could walk because he had consumed a small amount of the canned green beans.

The botulism was detected at a point when their son remembered his parents consuming the canned green beans. The doctors at once found the root cause of the paralysis and then they wrote in the journal that since the son refused to eat the dinner it was the parents who suffered.

The blood tests of the woman revealed the presence of botulinum toxin, doctors didn’t inject the anti-toxin since the woman had digested the toxin for more than 72 hours. The hospital gave them life support and after days their symptoms started to get better, the woman couldn’t even breath on her own so she was given mechanical respiratory system during her stay in the hospital. Now, both are fine but quite weak.

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