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How to: Write Unique Content For your Blog

This is not something like a quick magic through which you will be able to write up and publish some unique content over your blog. It’s more than an advice and more than a experience which I gained during my whole blogging life so far. I know no one is perfect so I collected all these facts from some other bloggers too who are successful. But every one has his own opinion but I am pretty sure that you will agree with me once you read that how can you actually publish some unique content online.

Write what You can – First Rule to write unique content:

One of the biggest mistakes which bloggers make is the wrong decision about their interest. They choose the popular niche or category for their blog and then make some silly mistakes, I know that bloggers are learners themselves but an article writer can’t show any uniqueness when the thing which he is writing isn’t his personal piece of interest. He is only writing that thing because he thinks that it’s popular among the public. But trust me if you are not good at development then you can’t write about development. If you are good at photography then surely you can write: “10 Great tips to get amazing photos” – Yes! expertise in your field is the only way to write something good.

Jack of all trades - Unique Content Failure Cause

However if you think that you are sharp enough then be sure that first you do enough search about the topic which you are going to write and then after that write something as per your own experience about the findings. This will help you to write your good content.

Writing With a Perspective:

Lot of people don’t have any perspective that why they want to write up? If they don’t know the reason then surely they are trying to do work without any love for it. They don’t know that why are they writing and what are they gonna do with the one who reads them. Well here you should have a point that why you have a blog. Most of the bloggers just want to spread the knowledge to help the new ones in any field. I think that this it the best perspective to write some good and unique content as you will keep the customer satisfaction at the priority and you will try to write at an easy approach so that others may be able to understand that what you meant for them. For this reason you will try to add things at your own, you will love to tell the truth to the world and while being the real you, you will grab the real content writer title.

Write at Your Own – Match up your brain and words for unique content:

Idea and Words a success

Writing at your own will help you a lot. Like you though something new in your mind now it’s time to give it some kind of shape with the help of a new post. Now surely you need to master your writing skills to give that idea an article shape. You will need to carve that same exact idea in the reader mind with the help of your article. You don’t need to write something large and really big instead you need to give a basic idea about what you meant. Thus mastering the language in which you are going to blog is really a good thing. If you are not a good write then it’s better to improve your grammar skills first. An article writer isn’t a grammar master instead he is a thoughtful player to think something unique. At the same time you should do some research too about what you are going to write. It will help you to write something good at your own after learning something more new in addition to previous one.

Do Some Research about what you write:

Doing some research prior to writing may help you to stand unique, as it can happen that over the internet the same topic has been published but not actually with that much sufficient information. Doing some research will also make you familiar with the newer trends in the same field about what you write. You will be able to know that what other people think about you are going to write. Without research you can write a good thing but you won’t be able to satisfy a visitor if he finds something more interesting about the same topic at another place except your blog.

Writing your Own Opinions and Perspective:

Writing your own opinions and experience will let you create some unique content. Don’t worry if you think that world is not going to welcome what you say! Rather try to prove your point with the help of you blog and with the help of what you got so far with that point. Listen a blogger is a learner and a sharer at the same time too. You need to share the good think which you got with the help of your opinions. Also controversial opinions will let you bring more opinions and reply backs. Don’t expect something different if you don’t do something different. Thus, publish the real you and create some unique stuff for the web.


  • Thank you so much giving these ideas, I am wondering since many days for writing articles for my website. but I’m unable to do it because of guidance and ideas for an article. I want to write unique articles for my website. I need little more help. But I’ll start today .. thank you. 🙂

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