How to manage time properly and Be Successful in Life

Time is money; the all-time famous idiom is still functional as far as meeting deadlines is concerned. Clock functions in the same way for all, but why is it that some people are successful and gain much out of available time while others are always struggling. Be it student, entrepreneur, professionals, & households; in short all and sundry are bound by the constraint of time.

Now to understand the true essence of managing time, it is important we first understand what the appropriate definition of time is? Any job which is done within the specific duration or span is called a job done within time.  The defined duration or span is called Time. Time is also a relative term and depends upon the task being undertaken.  An hour may be precious for a student who is expecting exams the next day; however the same hour may just be an hour for a household.

How to Manage time:

Day and night is divided into 24 hours and everyone all across the globe has these 24 hours. Then how it is that few people manage to get so much out of these hours while many others find it really hard to capitalize on the set number of hours. How to manage time is the ultimate solution to both the situations as discussed above.

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Importance of managing time:

Time management is not restricted to any particular individual. It is as essential for households as it is important for businessmen. Student also needs to properly manage time for study as well as executive plans accordingly keeping in mind all the company constraints.

Proper time management depends upon various steps, though there are no hard or fast rules, but if following rules are adopted, results could be marvelous. To better understand the concept, we may be mentioning a hypothetical example of a student.

Steps for managing time:

Set clearly defined goals:

Goals are of two sorts; short terms and long terms. And there are two types of goals, professional goals and personal goals. Based on the needs and wants process, people decide which goals to set first. Then first and the foremost step is to decide what you intend to do? As said earlier, time management is equally important for people belonging to different walks of life. For student, goal would be to prepare a schedule for upcoming exams, where for household time management involves cleaning, washing, cooking, and babysitting, however for a businessman, it may involve managing supply chain, collecting & delivering orders, also for an executive, it will be making business proposal, analyzing market dimensions etc.  If the goals and objectives are clearly defined depending upon the available time, then it becomes easy to set priorities.

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Defining goals depends upon the amount of resources available, which of course include time & manpower.

Plan your goals:

The second step is to make a plan for your actions. Depending upon set goals, planning definitely involves time constraints. For instant, a student whose goal is to finish syllabus before exams may plan to complete certain no of chapters in available time. Planning also involves which sort of chapter to cover before and which to study afterwards, i.e. prioritize chapters on the basis of their difficulty level.

List down goals:

This step is more or less similar to the planning phase step with only a difference that you actually start implementation here. Why don’t we take the same student example forwards; here a student may make a plan for the next 7 days. Then he can place few chapters to List A, other to list B and remaining to list C. when the list are defined on the basis of difficulty of chapters, now it is time to decide that list A chapters to study on Monday, list B to study on Tuesday and finally list C to study on Wednesday.

how to manage time

Review Goals:

This is the final step. It could be done in two ways. One can review the set goals day wise; like at the end of Monday, student may review if he has completed the number of defined chapters for that day, similarly at the end of other days, he may also see where he stands. In the second way, student can review his performance at the end of defined three days. In my own opinion, it would be wiser if a student reviews his performance at the end of each day, this way he will be better able to execute his plans for next day, or if he thinks the goals set by him are not realistic, he can review

What you gain from managing time properly:

It may not be wrong to say that it is only time and its effective management which separates a successful person from unsuccessful person. Time is the same, i.e. 24 hours per day but what matters is how effectively one can utilize these 24 hours.  Now what benefits one can gain from this:-

  • The ultimate benefit is a peace of mind. You will notice that by effective time management, you will feel stress free life. It may appear as if things are being going on, on its own. Above mentioned student may be able to study properly without wasting his time and will be able to give his best every time.
  • Confidence level is raised once you plan according to some pattern or schedule. Trust me, at the end of the day; you may feel proud and self-satisfied. The overall confidence may be raised too.
  • Managing time will give you more freedom and free time to relax. It is only possible to enjoy healthy life and manage work-life if he learns to manage tasks properly.
  • For successful entrepreneur and executives, importance of time management also builds their reputation in the market and industry. Such people are always recognized to be successful in their fields and they leave no stone un turn to capitalize on all sorts of opportunities coming their way.
  • With time management, it becomes easy for you to prioritize your tasks and gain maximum out of them. It also helps in doing the right job at the right time.

How to manage time properly is always on the mind of top executives and entrepreneurs. In this fast world to today, where information technology is a talk to town, proper time management is the only mean which can guarantee success and helps to differentiate successful from unsuccessful.