How to hard restart iPhone 7

Sometimes older iPhones don’t work well in terms of performance and speed. One of the most common suggestions to solve this issue is to replace iPhone with a newer version. Someone who is tight on the budget might find it hard to spend money on a new iPhone. There can be other reasons for delaying the purchase. What should we do to soft reset an iPhone 7 so that it works well? Luckily, Apple has provided an amazing option that clears the temporary cache and restarts your smartphone from scratch – commonly called as hard rebooting an iPhone 7.

Method to hard reboot/restart iPhone 7

New iPhone devices like iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone X don’t follow this method, we’ve already covered how to hard reboot iPhone 11, 12 and X and this guide is all about iPhone 7. Follow this method:

  1. Unlock your iPhone 7 to launch its homescreen.
  2. Press Volume Down and Sleep/Wake/Power button at the same time.
  3. Hold these two buttons for a few seconds until your phone turns off.
  4. Don’t release these buttons until iPhone 7 starts again with Apple logo.
  5. Once the Apple logo appears, release the buttons. You’ve hard restarted your iPhone 7
Hard Reboot iPhone 7

The same method can be used to restart your iPhone if it’s stuck somewhere. For example, if your iPhone is unusable during some app, then you can use this method to cut the battery’s power supply to your iPhone.

Does hard reboot delete data?

No, hard restart on your iPhone will not delete any data. In fact, it’ll just reload all the applications in your memory, removing any previous glitches. Therefore it’s completely safe to hard reboot your iPhone without worrying about any data removal. However, you may experience some unsaved progress in the current app when you hard reboot, if your iPhone is stuck somewhere.

What is the difference between normal restart and hard restart?

Normal restart is something which you do on daily basis, it’s at a software level. On the other hand, hard restart is at a hardware level, therefore, it works every time. It cuts power entirely to your device and restarts it.


If your iPhone 7 is troubling you in terms of efficiency and speed, then hard restart it. It’ll improve its performance. The process is simple. Similarly, if your iPhone 7 is stuck on an application, and you don’t want any progress to be saved, then hard restarting is the best option. You’ll skip the waiting time and the unresponsive screen will return to the normal.