How to get smarter by knowing these Weird facts – Instant Smartness

It does not matter who you are, whether a brainiac like Newton or reality TV star, each of us wants to be smarter. What’ dull about conventional ways of increasing smartness is that its boring. You know, like eating healthy, watching less television as possible and regular exercise may end up increasing you IQ, you would wish for a much more enjoyable and easier way to improve brainpower.

Well, good news for you, there are actually such easy and not boring ways.

From now on, you would not need to get a fancy education degree to become the Einstein of your social group, there are faster and straightforward solutions available. Do be warned though, not all of these might work the same way as regular ways of increasing IQ, and some of them can actually be dangerous if performed in excess.

So if at any time someone excuses you of over-doing any of the following, you can at-least now reply that you are just exercising you brain. So instead of being rubbed of about it, you would actually be congratulated for going out of your way to enhance and better yourself.

Some of these may be weird, some a little dangerous and some might not work at all. On the other hand if you can gain IQ though these easy ways, instead of hard work, then why not give them a try?

1- How to get smarter by: Possessing Negative Emotions

source: wiki

source: wiki

One thing associated with talented artists is them being moody and such. So the question is whether negative emotions leads to creativity and brainpower. Some research has proposed that angst and sadness can lead to information-processing strategies that are most aptly suited in dealing with demanding situations.

This could be a reason as to why we see many musicians, actors etc. get accused of being snobby and dive like – this could be that their natural irritability is what attracts them to their professions. For example, an actor James Wood possesses an IQ of 180, but is consider not one of the easiest persons to work with.

Next time you find yourself being labeled as a miserable emo, you can tell the world that you are just trying to make hard effort to become more intelligent that they are.

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2- How to get smarter by: Napping

source: wiki

source: wiki

Yes! Napping can be good for increasing your smartness. Several studies by top neuroscientists have showed that napping has exceptional benefits for the mind. 30 – 40 minute naps can upsurge cognitive performance and augment memory, which is a worthy reason why power naps must be familiarised into more workplaces – a practice which is becoming gradually popular in Japan.

Of course this does not mean that you should keep sleeping till noon every day and there is a difference between it and power nap. So don’t try to use “This makes me smarter” ruse when you turn up late for work and your boss questions you.

3- How to get smarter by: Playing Video Games

source: wiki

source: wiki

Yes, you saw it right, Video Games. Reportedly, video games can enhance people’s intelligence. But before you drop out of college and start playing WoW all day long, remember that video games will only improve areas like logic solving skills and working memory.

The type of game you play also dictates how much improvement you will see in your IQ i.e. your brain will feel more simulated by playing a game like Portal than the Goat Simulator.

And let’s not forget other things you can learn from video games: increase your cursing vocabulary by playing 5 minutes of Call of duty, learn to fly an airplane in GTA while learn finer details of human anatomy un surgeon simulator, is there anything video games can’t do ?

4- How to get smarter by: Electricity To The Brain

One of the more dangerous method that we are going to suggest is this one. It is the least advisable path for achieving smartness. It appears to us that anyone trying pump electricity to their brains must be stupid.

Though in reality, researchers have discovered that applying weak electrical signals to certain areas of brain resulted in subjects being able to solve more complex problems. The experiment was performed using transcranial direct current simulation device. There are plenty of DIY methods on the internet and even starter kits available as well but do this with extreme caution and preferably under supervision of someone who knows the way around this.

5- How to get smarter by: Chewing Gum

how to get smarter - chewinggum

source: wiki

You remember your school days when you were scolded for chewing gum, well who knew it is actually quite an effective mental performance booster.

There have been studies conducted into finding why gum has this positive effect on brain; turns out it happens due to an effect called ‘mastication-induced arousal’. This means basically that chewing wakes up your brain and helps to focus.

It all comes down to the chewing process essentially, so if you find yourself devoid of a chewing gum at hand then find an alternative and start chewing.

6- How to get smarter by: Dancing

source: wiki

source: wiki

Dancing is a great exercise as it not only provides brain-enhancing increase in oxygen and make you feel merrier, but also helps to maintain a smarter body as well. The mental concentration and activity required for synchronising of music and dance moves provides more workout to a mind than doing crosswords puzzle.

Of-course, the increase in brain function will depend on the type of dancing being done e.g. something like tango which requires learning a lot of techniques and memorising steps will lead to significant increase in intelligence while violently banging your head sideways listening to metal music will lead to opposite effect.

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