How To Get A Girl Like You By Scientific Ways

Written by Awais Ahmad

Scientific Ways Are The Easiest Why to Get Girls

In this small articles there are simple ways to be more attractive to girls around you.

#1 Wear Redtumblr_ny833pb7r91r5jwlho4_1280

According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Studies have proven that women are more attracted to men wearing red. Red is seen as a sign of power and authority.

#2 Grow Your Stubbleewan_mcgregor_brunette_blue-eyed_stubble_face_34469_3840x2160

Heavy stubble suggests maturity and manliness, which is why women prefer it.

#3 Improve Your Postureimprove_posture_2x

Women are more attracted towards men with good posture. Good posture is a sign of confidence, so quit slouching.

#4 Smile Lessclassy-mens-hairstyles

Smiling men look goofier and less dominant to women. You’re better off with you hard look.

#5 Get In The Gymmaxresdefault-1

Everyone know that women like men who workout but you don’t have to look like Lazar. Small definition well do the work.

#6 Sweat More_main_sweaty

There is a chemical in sweat called ‘androstadienone’ can actually be a turn on for women. So next time if you’re running late for the work and you have to run don’t be worried for a little sweat.

#7 Look Upitalian-men-fashion-sense-sunglasses-and-cup-of-coffee

Looking down is a turn down for you in front of women next time look up this will give you a more defined jawline.

#8 Show Off Your Scarsdon_michael_corleone

Scars make you look manly and tough. So don’t be afraid to show what is hidden beneath.

#9 Go To The Dentistdentist

White teeth are attractive so look after them but remember not to smile too much.

#10 Play Hard To Getpersp-hey-man-got-light-hed-2013

Women love men who are independent and can look after them. There’s a reason why many women like Bad guys.

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