How to Add Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress – [Plugin]

Being a writer I myself know the importance of the content which bloggers write. Without a proper planning a very sophisticated article may not get that required attention which it may deserve. Often bloggers don’t add a sharing widget to their blog which makes them suffer with a loss. As many people don’t find the site share friendly. Today, I decided to share a ┬ábest social media plugin which will help you to increase your social media share counter. It’s actually a floating social share bar which gets fixed with the top of the page once scrolled down. Its a very good solution to get more shares if you do write some cool content because in this way, the social share bar gets into the attention of the user. Lets start the tutorial.

Add Floating Sharebar

Adding the Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress – [Plugin Way]:

First you need to download this plugin. Download Social Share bar. Once Download Lets move on to the installation instructions.

Installing the Floating Social Share bar:

You can do this in two way, either extract the download plugin yourself and place that in your wordpress plugin directory through FTP or else just install the plugin through the wordpress like the usual way. For this go to your wordpress blog and login to Dashboard.

  1. Go to “Plugins” on the left bar and click on “Add New” on the hover.
  2. Ther click on the “upload” at the top tool bar.
  3. Upload the plugin and activate it.

Using/Customizing the Floating Social Share bar:

This is the most easy part, as the developer of the plugin has done something really clean. You don’t need to be a geek. Instead just go to your blog’s settings through the dashboard and click on “Floating Social bar

  • There you will see all the settings options. You need to drop down the icons of the social networks which you want to make them appear in the post page of your blog.

Enabling the Social buttons for Social Sharing bar

  • Once you are done dragging the icons to the second box. Navigate to: “Social bar Label” this is something which you want readers to read before the social share bar like I wrote in the screenshot above this one “Share The Effort!“.
  • Mention your twitter ID in the next column after “Twitter Username“.
  • Interval to update stats should be the default one (Recommended Value), since it’s the counter for share.
  • The checkbox “Make Social Bar Static” will not make the social bar to float once scrolled down, if ticked. If you don’t want to make the social share bar float then kindly tick this option.
  • You can also hide the social share bar on some posts, by checking the “Hide social share Bar” on the post edit page of wordpress just below the editor.

That was it, it’s the best social media plugin if you really want your content to be shared immediately. But I am never going to recommend you this with a responsive website but yes, you can use it after disabling the floating option.