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Hotel maid steals phone then accidentally posts a selfie to the Victim’s Facebook bragging about money

Written by Wamiq Ali

A maid posted her selfie on Facebook bragging about money, not realising that she just had posted her selfie on the phone’s owner Facebook. Yes, the same phone which she had stolen from a guest in the hotel, and the dumb mistake led her to demise.

Soon after she posted her selfie on someone’s else account, the comments hell broke. People started getting confused and they realised that the smartphone of their Facebook friend has been stolen.

The fourth comment about the wallet of the Facebook’s account owner is quite awkward. The dude is right about his point of view because in beginning it looked liked as if the Facebook’s profile owner is with the maid and that owner himself allowed her to post the selfie.

The second last comment of a girl debunks the whole story, she thinks that the selfie is seriously nuts and it’s quite absurd to first steal the phone and then post a selfie in the hotel uniform.

The next day some people started making sense, they came to know about the thief’s mistake. They realised that the maid had stolen the phone and in the triumph of the victory she had posted her own selfie on the victim’s Facebook account. Some people predicted that the maid was going to be most famous dumb criminal on the internet.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s a real story or someone is making up the whole story just to make his account famous on Facebook and Reddit? Well, in today world, anything can happen, but again who cares, let’s not waste the fun inside the story.

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