House Democrats demand documents related to Trump-Putin talks

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The Washington Post had earlier reported that Trump had tried to intervene in order to hide details of his meeting with the Russian president. In a recent move the Democratic chairman of the three key house committees demanded some documents which might reveal some details about the Trump-Putin talks. These documents contain details about the Trump talks with Putin, which were held during a meeting along with the telephone call data with Russian leader. Along with the chairman, there are other people including Reps. Adam Schiff of California, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, and Eliot Engel of New York, whose demands are also similar in nature.

These three lawmakers named above chair the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs panels and Oversight panels. This makes them pretty strong for requesting the confidential data. Last month, a letter similar in nature was written which sought details but that letter got no answer. The chairmen addressed this recent letter to White House chief of staff and Secretary of State, they claimed to be expanding their investigation to other spheres like getting more details into meetings of Putin with Trump. The democrats asserted that they wanted to learn more about how certain meetings of Trump affected the foreign policy of America towards Russia. They said that they wanted to determine if president had concealed any facts related to these meetings. According to some media reports, president Trump according to these chairmen appeared to be hiding some facts.

The Washington Post in January had reported that President Trump had tried to hide some details regarding a meeting with Putin. The meeting was happened between the two leaders in Germany in 2017. Also as reported by NBC News, president Trump in another high profile meeting didn’t allow his cabinet to sit inside the room for two hours. So there appear to be some apprehensions regarding the Trump’s meeting minutes with Putin. Do you think president would like to hide something?

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