Horse collapses as it was forced to overwork in Bank Holiday Heatwave

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Human rights are an important thing and today the entire world is struggling to setup an international institutions for dispensing rights to the well-deserving people. United Nations has played a vital role in this regard as its Human Rights body has tried to help the people in need. The world is still struggling to provide equal rights to everyone. Talking about animal rights amidst the efforts to give equal human rights to everyone around the globe is often seen as a far-off notion. There are certain circles which are attempting to raise awareness in people regarding the animal rights. Recently, a horse collapsed after it was forced to work during the work holiday. It was overburdened with work and eventually it fell on the floor.

A footage was filmed by a woman using her phone camera which captured a horse falling on the floor after it was forced to overwork. This is against the animal rights. The horse was pulling around carts in the city the entire day. It was utilised for moving things around on a busy national holiday. No alternate for the horse was planned. The horse was pulling tourists around the Welsh Capital in carts before it fell to the ground on Saturday evening. The people panicked as the horse became unconscious.

The woman, Shirley Wilson, who filmed the video said that it was quite terrifying watching the horse fall to the ground. She couldn’t watch the cruelty unfold right in front her her as she knew that the animal was over burdened. She shared the video on Twitter and others started to worry about the cruelty shown in the video.

Sandra Kvaerneng Stolp was called on the place of incident to collect the exhausted animal. She is a member at the Whispering Willows Sanctuary for the animals. She transported the animal safely in a horse box. In an interview, she said that she was called by the police after they reported that a horse fell down on the road. She said that she didn’t know the age of the horse and she would be calling vet to get into more details.

Two people were arrested in this regard, thinking that they were responsible for the incident. A detailed video can be watched on Wales Online.

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