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Homer Simpson as a Real Human is going to cringe every sensible person

Every person is almost familiar with the Homer Simpson character. However, the name sketches a cartoonish appearance of Homer Simpson in the mind of every person. The character transformed into a human-like appearance would be something new for everyone. An artist transformed the character into more human-like form and it’s becoming the cause of human cringe.

The pictures of the artwork went viral on the internet. Most men and women didn’t like the idea to be drawn up in the real world. The character hasn’t aged in the last 29 years. Everyone loves the character the way it is. The artist must have decided to terrify humans with this new venture.

Miguel is a 3D artist and he knows the art to bring fictional characters to real life. He lives in Ontario, Canada. The recent work of Miguel is incredible but it’s also terrifying because of the cringe-worthiness. This SpongeBob is also one of his works.

Then he carved out Ed Edd n Eddy to show how they might look in real life.

It’s a kind of myth that what this artist does with the models. Imagine the realistic model of sponge bob on the side table of the bed. On waking up, a person like me is definitely going to get terrified. The same goes for this model of Homer Simpson.

He uploaded an entire album of the Home Simpson on the Twitter.

The responses of the people were different. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Many said that this stuff belongs to nightmwares.

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