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Homeowner, 78yo arrested ‘after BURGLAR is stabbed to death with SCREWDRIVER’

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An old man of age 78 has been arrested on the suspicion of murder by homicide detectives. He fought a burglar in his own kitchen and stabbed him in self-defense.That wound resulted in the death of the burglar.

Richard Osborn-Brooks, a pensioner, who was asleep in his room with his beloved wife. He was woken up due to a noise of two men trying to break into his house.

He was pushed into the kitchen by one of the burglars who was holding a screwdriver.

The intruder was a 38-year-old man, had several wounds on his chest as was found collapsed in the street and later was admitted to a hospital. Where he died.

He was originally charged with grievous hurt but was later arrested on murder charges.

According to the police the other burglar ran away and is still at large.

Neighbour Mr. Williams, 58, a martial arts instructor, added: ‘It’s a very quiet road, normally we do not get police incidents down this road.

‘There are a lot of older people on this road so I was quite surprised to hear about. I’ve been here 20 years and most people get on with others around here.’

Mr. Gordon Williams, 44, was the one who found the burglar with the stab wound.

Mr Williams said: ‘He was a white bloke about my age. I had just gone to bed and I heard moaning and groaning.

‘At first I thought he was drunk, but when I looked out of the window, I saw a white Vauxhall Astra van pulled up beside him.

‘A black man was saying to the guy on the ground “come on, get in the van”. He was trying to drag him but it wasn’t working.

‘The black guy then looked up to my window and saw me looking out, so he ran back into the van and drove off north.

‘My wife then heard the clang of metal on the ground and saw him throw something out of the van’s window.

‘I went downstairs straight away and was the first on the scene.

‘The man on the ground was white and was bleeding heavily from his chest through his shirt.’

The investigation is still ongoing.

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