Homeless man gets punched to ground for messing up with street performer & touching his hairs

Written by Wamiq Ali

Happened in a London’s street, a homeless man got punched to the ground after he messed up with a street performer. The street performer got mad and confronted the poor homeless man.

Homeless people and street performers are natural enemy each competing for Darwin’s theory. The selection of the best survivor, says the Darwin theory if you aren’t aware. The natural artists which actually can perform quite well are shadowed by fake artists and homeless men begging for help.

This homeless guy in the video was standing behind the singing street artist. He kind of looked drunk for he was performing some stupid stuff behind the artist. At first, he started seeking people’s attention by raising his one hand. Then he raised both his arms and shortly after that he grabbed a hold of artist’s head.

At this point, the artist knew what he had to do, so he got up and punched the homeless man to the ground. The artist’s seemed like he didn’t want to throw away the poor man but still, it happened.

The video got uploaded on youtube by London Street Performace. It made its way to the Reddit community.I

I think homeless people with fake stories are making it difficult for real people to get any help. I remember last time when I parked my car, I got approached by a fine looking young man. He asked me for some help since he had lost his wallet and he wanted to go back to his hometown. He even showed his kids and wife in a car. I gave him a few bucks.

After some weeks, I saw the same story with the same guy getting repeated. This time I could merely feel.

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