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Homeless man attempts to buy food with fake $20 bill & gets caught

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Hunger is something which can reveal the original roots of a man. Wise people say that the original personality of a man is revealed when he is in dire need of something. This also seems to be an appealing explanation as a person can hide his original personality once he is surrounded by opportunities and facilities. A homeless man resorted to using a fake $20 bill in order to purchase food and toothpaste. He got caught and at moment he has been given a sentence period of six years in prison. Now, there appear to be two kinds of opinions in this regard, the first opinion follows the humanity and the other opinions follows the course of law. Since, law has no emotions, therefore, it is impartial to the sentiments of the people. It’s the duty of the judge to hold the ruling in a justified manner.

Homeless guy charged of criminal possession of forged instrument

Levi Mitchel, 53yo, was found guilty of “criminal possession of a forged instrument” as he tried to use a fake money bill at a pharmacy in New York City. This happened at a near by restaurant. The cashiers present at the store found that the money bill was forged and therefore they called the police officers at the place. The security authorities found him in possession of five counterfeit $20 bills. Mitchel was therefore presented before the court and he got sentenced for 8 years in the prison. Later, the Supreme Court’s appellate division reduced his sentence to three and six years. This decision was made as court acknowledged that Mitchell was attempting to buy the “basic human necessities” before his arrest. The court noticed in its report that as 53yo was unemployed and homeless with a long standing medical and substance abuse therefore reduction of his sentence to three from six years was appropriate. However, there was merely one justice, Peter Tom, who was against this panel’s majority ruling. However, it was observed that Mitchell was previously involved in higher level counterfeiting schemes. He happened to be a habitual criminal. The ruling observed that he wasn’t using a few fake bills to complete his need, in fact he was a part of the bigger counterfeiting scheme.

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