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Homeless gets reward for unknowingly helping snow-stuck NFL player

Human beings are an incredible creatures, they have varied reactions in different situations, wisdom, emotions, sadness or any other form of emotion can easily be found in human beings. Empathy and kindness are also one of the emotions which humans often exhibit in different situations. January is the time in which kindness is quite important as it’s the time of the year when most part of the earth wear a snow clothing. Movement becomes hard for people living in cold parts of the earth and often team work is required for making the daily life easier.

Recently an NFL player got stranded on his way to an important game, his participation was necessary being a top class player. The game had to take place last Saturday on 12th of January. A homeless man happened to pass by the scene and he was completely unaware that the guy who was stuck in the snow was Jeff Allen. Dave Cochran, the homeless man just wanted to do the right thing. Allen was travelling towards the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff when his car got stuck. He was not expecting that someone would come out of nowhere to help him take out his stuck car. As he was sitting in his car, a good samatiran passed by his car and after observing him in need of help he decided to lend a hand.

Cochran didn’t know about the identity of the man who happened to be a popular NFL player. A little information about Cochran would reveal that he is a homeless guy. He lives in a truck along with his girlfriend. Cochran owns a small dog and he isn’t someone who might have plethora of good resources. However, his financial status didn’t allow him to not help anyone in need. This homeless man didn’t know the identity of the stuck person but still he preferred to help the guy. He knew that being a good person he had to lend a helping hand. Cochran offered more help after he knew that the stuck guy was from Texas and he wasn’t used to this cold weather. Later, homeless man learned that the stuck guy was indeed a chief NFL player. Allen was quite gratified with the actions of the homeless man.

Homeless man earned a quick reward for helping Allen

Allen wanted to give the homeless man tickets to his match. However Allen had no way to contact the homeless guy, he wanted to give him tickets to the AFC championship game. He went to the Twitter and asked people any details about the homeless guy who had helped him earlier. The tweet went viral and it got more than 43k likes. Allen as a result of the viral tweet was able to track down the homeless man. Now, Cochran is the proud owner of the tickets to the AFC Championship game. This is scheduled to take place on 19th of January. The homeless man is overwhelmed with the amount of attention he received because of the Allen.

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