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Hollywood stars among dozens charged for using bribe & links to bypass college entrance tests and merit

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It’s a well known fact about life that what someone sows is the same thing which he later reaps. Therefore one has to be careful while giving his input in general matters of life because the output can’t vary much when compared to the input. Just as in a news broke out which showed the involvement of many Hollywood celebrities in a mechanism to bypass the college entrance tests and merit. They did so without caring enough for the fact that those who bypassed the merit would one day hold key positions in US establishment and their decisions would matter in shaping the nation as a whole. The names which were accused of this crime played a vital role in devising this mechanism of merit-skipping multi-million dollar scam. Felicity Huffman and fellow Hollywood actress Lori Loughlin were among the dozens who earned huge sums of money from this alleged scam. The efforts were made to help the children of elite people get an admission in the top universities. These accused people include professionals from different spheres of life like chief executives, financiers, the chairman of a prominent law firm, a winemaker and fashion designers.

These people used their planning and other techniques to get their children in the prestigious institutions while helping children cheat the entrance test or by bribing the concerned personnel. The federal prosecutor said that the effected universities were Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and the University of Southern California. The involved group fixed the ACT and SAT entrance exams by running a bogus charity run by Californian William Singer as the cash involved in all this process of bribing the individuals amounted to $25 million. This is not a huge sum considering the people involved in this scam process. This racket even bribed the coaches of the university to induct the children of their choice, even when these selected individuals were not at part with the required skills to play the game.

This particular case was enough to spark outrage in the parents all around the country as most of these parents advice their children to work hard in hopes of getting the right merit to enter into good universities. More details about this scandal are unfolding. According to the recent details 50 people were charged after they were found involved in this planning. There were 33 parents who were charged as they paid the concerned people to give an entry to their kids in the desired institutions. Thirteen university sports coaches along with test organisers were also charged for getting involved in a scam of this big nature. It’s worth noting that none of the universities were involved in charges also none of the students were punished. This system worker in two ways, the first one is arranging for someone else to sit in place of the student who wants to pass the entrance test, the second method includes creating fake profiles to make these students compete in sports cadre.

  • Huffman and her husband William Macy paid $15k to make their daughter perform well in first test.
  • Loughlin, the star of Full House paid $500,000 to get an entry for their daughters in University of Southern California.
  • Gordon Caplan, co-chairman of New York law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher, paid aroune $75,000 to get their daughters test grades in better shape.
  • The coaches of Yale or Stanford university obtained more than $200k upto $400k in order to accept the students in the teams of respective universities.

This is strange as people of high stature were involved in this merit bypassing scheme.

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