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Hold your breath fellas, this is the most intense video of “Ice Cold Beer” challenge you’ll ever see

The game is called “Ice Cold Beer” and the person playing the game surely has a great deal of experience. It will make you hold your breath due to the amount of surprising factor which it contains. A lot of bars have this game in U.S. and people hardly enjoy playing it. Just like Flappy Bird the game is quite addictive but least enjoyable due to the higher failure rate.

“Ice Cold Beer’ is a mechanical arcade game. It was released by Taito and the game is quite similar in the cabin structure like any other arcade game played on PC or mobile. The screen has a wooden platform with holes. These holes show the bubbles in the beer.

Ice Cold Beer

Two joysticks are given to control the left and right height of the inside metallic bar. The ball moves too and fro on the bar and the goal is to put the ball in the selected bubble or the wooden hole. The selected bubble is lit in the game and one has to put this ball by controlling the bar with joysticks in the lit hole while avoiding the other unlit ones.

When the player puts the ball into the lit hole the ball and the bar come down to the bottom of this platform. Then a next level bubble is lit and the player has to manoeuvre the ball through the unlit bubbles into the lit one.

Now, look at this GIF of a guy who just reached the almost highest level in this highly addictive and frustrating game. You’ll bite your nails off watching this guy playing the “Ice Cold Beer” challenge.

A family version of this game was also released which got named as “Zeke’s Peak”. The bubbles were replaced by the mountain climbing environment.

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