Hillary Clinton reveals that she’d like to be President of United States

Written by Wamiq Ali

In 2016 election of The United States of America many people thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidential seat. However things turned out to be in favour of Trump. He won the elections and now he serves as the president of America. There happened a conspiracy theory which evinced that Trump’s election was meddled. The American agencies repeatedly stated that 2016 election was intervened by Russians. Some sources also repeatedly stated that Putin was behind this meddling since he never liked Hillary Clinton because of her open opposition. Hillary had given statements against Trump at various occasions.

However, she has not lost her spirit. In an interview which happened last Friday, Hillary stated that she might run for the president. She wants to take another chance to become the first female president of The USA. She was again asked the question that if she had decided to run again for the elections. She replied, “no, no,” but she replied that she would like to become the president. Hillary Clinton attempted her best using her campaign to win the election but somehow she lost it against Trump.

Hillary Clinton showed firm determination to see a democrat win the 2020 election. She hoped that she might see a democrat in the oval office by 2021. She also added that there was so much work to be done and the world was confused because of the current status quo. She declared the world to be confused because of the stance of America. She wanted to convey the message that with the selection of a democrat as president the world will have a clear image of American policies. In a way she criticized the policies of current government by declaring them confused. She claimed that the world was forgetting what America stood for and what was its stance. This she might be saying because of the Trump’s quick decisions for driving out America from various treaties.

Clinton said that she would not make up her mind clearly unless the midterm elections are over as the winning candidates might show a better position of the democrats. She claimed of attempting to do everything in her power for making a democrat win the 2020 election. Philippe Reines who was one or the Clinton’s former advisors also claimed of Clinton running for the Presidential election but she claimed that her chance was highly unlikely but not zero. Hillary is younger than Donald Trump for around a year. She is also younger than Joe Bidden. Trump is going to run for the second term but whether Hillary will run again or not, this only future will tell.

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