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High on opiates Girl, 17yo tried as an adult who crashed car into house and killed 2 girls inside

Written by Wamiq Ali

A 17-year-old girl to be tried as an adult after she hit a house while driving under the influence. The impact was so strong that the teen actually killed 2 girls inside. The sad occurrence forced the justice department to treat her as an adult.

An Indiana teen has been charged as an adult. The prosecutors say that she was high on opiates when the accident took place. The car was being driven at 107mph. The accident resulted in the death of an 8-year-old kid and her sister inside the house.

Alia Sierra, 17-year-old, appeared in court and was charged with 10 felony counts. She got charged with reckless driving while having controlled substance in her blood. The crash happened on July 12 and killed Callie Fullerton, 8 and Haleigh Fullerton, 17.

The mother of the two was also injured in the accident names Bridget Fullerton.

You do everything that you can to keep your child safe, Your child is at home, they are in the living room, you know where they are and what they are doing and then within a matter of seconds, they are done. There is nothing that can bring that back for the family. – reported by Fox 59 Inianapolis

Sierra was driving a 2007 Honda Accord, one of the kids int he Honda asked Sierra to slow down the car. Another said that Sierra told them that the car was her beast. She wanted them to show off the speed of the car.

The kid is being taken handcuffed. The reported asked if she wanted to say something to her family but she was in other thoughts and mood. Definitely, her mood is understandable. The Police reported that Callie and her sister were watching TV and then they got killed. Though her sentence isn’t going to bring the sisters back but still, it will send a warning to other teens who try to act heroically.

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  • “Though her sentence isn’t going to bring the sisters back but still, it will send a warning to other teens who try to act heroically.”

    PROOF READ, DUDE! Seriously! And do you even know what heroically means? There was nothing heroic about her actions, just irresponsible and childish.

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