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Hero dad raises $40,000 to stop Seattle public schools from shaming poor children

A child’s father was deeply grieved when he came to know that several schools in the district were shaming students for not being able to pay for their lunch. The children suffering were forced to wear a wristband, hand stamped or even provided with an alternate meal. The situation at hand wasn’t good for young minds since the kids are responsible for a country’s future.

Jeffrey Lew, child’s father, who himself is a graduate of Seattle’s public school system, was moved to act after he came to know about the situation of children being left out, denied to be provided food or even being given an alternate meal. He called his son school to ask about the debt amount which was around $97. He also tried to calculate the total debt amount in all the Seattle schools, which was about $20,000. In order to fix this, he launched a GoFundMe campaign.

Go Fund Me Campaign

The campaign proved to be successful and even this article is a way to reach out to more people. So far, Lew has raised $40,000, this money will be used to pay off standing debts of school students, so they may never face the same humiliation again.

As a parent and graduate of the Seattle Public Schools, I am trying to help ease the burden of these families and make sure these children get to eat a nutritious meal each day at school,” – Lew wrote on his GoFundMe Campaign.

Safeway Foundation and John Legend a singer-songwriter have also contributed to the campaign, the goal is to raise $50,000 which may let children get a proper meal at school without humiliation.

We being talkofweb’s management think that initiative must be taken on an individual level to solve all the worries of life, and if we are able to produce only ten Jeffrey Lew, then we can improve at a more fast pace.

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