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‘Hero Boy’ was shot 5 times saving classmates during ‘Florida School Massacre’

There are unsung heroes in every society who need a big round of applause for their efforts to help a society survive the dark phase. The Florida School Massacre was one such murky phase which got so much coverage in the media that every sane person around the world could feel the pain of the children. There were people during this time of Florida School Shooting who actually delivered far more than they were required.

This brave kid is one of those individuals who walloped the insane attack being carried out on the Florida High School. Such people need to be recognised and this is what we are doing in this article. This guy just risked his life like a true hero for the sake of a bigger purpose, saving his classmates.

Anthony Borges is definitely a hero, he was a fellow student at Marjory Stoneman High School. He literally put his life in the line of fire to protect the lives of his classmates. He didn’t care for his own life when a gunman rampaged through the school.

The 15yo put the lives of others before his own – said his father and a friend in an interview to ABC News – None of us knew what to do. So, he took the initiative to just save his other classmates –Carlos Rodriguez commermorated the valour of his best friend in good words

Borges literally put his body between the gunman and the other innocent students. He is a keen soccer player who is now fighting for his life in a hospital. The kid is alive and fighting his way out in the hospital, a speedy recovery is promised if you guys keep on praying. Borges and his friends rushed to hide when the shooting took place at their school on Wednesday. The gunman was firing randomly at the students.

Borges was the last of the 20 students who entered in a classroom, hiding for sake of their lives. He attempted to close the door and he got shot. The hero kid didn’t flinch and just held is ground by giving his body support to the door and took gunfires one by one amounting to 5 in number. He literally closed the door with all the might and force.

Borges called his dad and said, “Dad, somebody shot me in the back and my leg, too,” – his dad broke into tears.

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