Here’s how people are responding to the viral #ElPasoChallenge

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Looks like the humanity in the world is still intact, after all it’s the humans and their humanity which make the entire world function. The people of El Paso are following a similar agenda, as they are fulfilling the #ElPasoChallenge. A challenge which has been made to reinstate the believe of the people in humanity and society.

What people are doing is an attempt to spread love and care so that an air of disbelief and fear might be taken care of. It turns out, kindness if pretty contagious, as the trend went viral.

11yo Ruben Martinez started this challenge, little did she knew that it would receive such a positive response. At moment, CNN is covering this challenge along with the other small news website like the one ran by us.

The 11yo sixth-grader, basically challenged everyone to do 22 good deeds for others. Residents of the city have taken the call of a young kid by heart and they decided not to let down the kid. Therefore, they took up the challenge with pretty strong hands.

Some people treated others with popcorn and movie

Any society can strive on healthy grounds. The people told CNN that they treated others with movie and popcorns. Many people did so to show their younger ones that the bad would not be able to overtake the good.

Kids were found on roads who made snack bags for the police officers. Overall, during the entire day it was a unique show of solidarity and unity with the victims. Some kids bought lollipops and handed it to the grown ups.

A few gave water bottles to the homeless people

According to the CNN, some kids went ahead and decided to give water bottles to the homeless people. One woman took her challenge with her niece and her fried, later they gave water bottles. Each item they handed out to the people contained one name of the person who passed out in the El Paso incident, a week back.

Some schools collected stuffed animals for the kids

There were schools which decided to collect stuffed animals for the kids. Because the children are pretty much into this stuff; therefore, these schools decided to make them feel the fun. The schools are collecting these stuffed animals in the form of donations.

The reason behind such a collection is that some children are still trying to make out a reason for the attack. They are unable to comprehend the cause behind such a butchery; therefore, the schools have decided to divert their minds towards better reasons like stuffed animals.

Besides, there were other activities which were witnessed in the city. It appeared that the people were not ready to abandon their other fellow citizens. The activity started with a child, who had a vision to show the solidarity. Later, it transformed into a good action as everyone is now following the footsteps of that one girl who started this activity.

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