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“Heavily Pregnant” Woman Experiment Shows the Selfish Commuters Attitude on Tube Train

SHOCKING results, when a woman did an experiment that how many travelers would leave their seat for a pregnant mother.

It is a hot season and the thermostat showed the temperature has reached 25-degree centigrade, a blogger named Anna took this opportunity to conduct an experiment. She traveled in London’s Underground network wearing a fake baby bump to see the general reaction of Londoners. The results were shocking because only 4/10 offered to leave their seat for her to sit, while merely one left his seat only after Anna directly asked him to do so. These results were also shocking for her as well. She told that she felt that perhaps she had to make a big deal out of being pregnant, which makes a person feel very uncomfortable.

She also said that people are just not connected to what’s going on around them. This social experiment came after a research showed merely 6/10 travelers would offer their seat to a pregnant woman. Another study was conducted with a sample of 2,000 people and found that ¼ of travelers would not leave their seat for a pregnant woman.

A study conducted on a sample size of 2000 travelers found that ¼ of them would leave their seat for a pregnant woman in case she wasn’t actually expecting. The study further explained adults think you don’t need to offer mother-to-be a seat until she is visibly showing. Researchers also came to know the battle for a seat amid the morning or afternoon rush hour can lead to passengers forgetting their manners or failing to see pregnant women. The research was made possible by Mama Mio skincare as part of their awareness campaign which encourages pregnant women to not be scared to ask someone to give up their seat.

Anna is an ambassador for the awareness campaign, she said that pregnancy is not a weakness, but it is a vulnerability and she felt this during her first trimester in particular.

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