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Heartless 11yo shoots burglar and then laughs on TV

There has been a lot of incidences involving the guns in a past few months and in one of our websites we have also covered the story of a woman who shot a young burglar who tried to break into her home.

This new incident involves a boy who shot a burglar many times who didn’t believe that kid was holding an actual gun.

Chris Gaither 11-year-old was alone in his home on a Wednesday morning when he heard some noise. Some guy had broken into his home and it appeared that he was walking upstairs.

The kid got scared but he wanted to confront the burglar so he grabbed a 9-millimetre handgun for his own protection.

The burglar then came downstairs and told him that he was going to kill him, this is what the kid reported after the incident.

After the intruder came downstairs, he shouted at the young kid and then started to walk towards the front door with a hamper in his hand. It was about time that Gaither decided to stop the burglar and first started firing off the bullets.

He fired quite a lot of bullets until when the Intruder was about to jump off the fence, a bullet hit his leg.

When I pulled the gun, I guess he didn’t think it was a real gun because he kept on walking, I shot through the hamper he was carrying, It was a full metal jacket bullet. It went straight through the back of his leg. He started crying like a little baby (mocking the burglar in a quite funny mood).

The police are currently investigating the case and they are trying to find as much of evidence as they can but they haven’t released the name of the suspect. The mother of the kid says that the same man had already robbed their home but they don’t know him personally.

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