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Heart-stopping moment, hero COWBOY disarms robber at convenience store

Written by Logical Men

People get carried away with the term ‘hero’, but not this time. An old cowboy single-handedly disarmed an armed robber is a textbook example of what it means to be a ‘hero’.

The breath-taking incident’s CCTV footage has been released in which a hero disarmed a robber bearing a gun and then restrained him as he was trying to run away.

When the robber entered with a gun, the cowboy remained calm while removing his sunglasses before going full ninja on the guy, he even managed to take the kitchen knife out of the hands of the terrified and scared robber.

This happened inside a convenience store in Mexico, where robber came with a revolver pistol and threatened the attendant.

The robber then pointed his gun at the cowboy, who was wearing beige cowboy hat with denim biker coat before turning to threaten other shoppers that were present in the store.

But this proved to be a mistake on his behalf, as soon as he turned his back on the cowboy he paid the price. The cowboy rushed onto the mugger and smashed the gun out of his hand.

Shocked and in denial the robber tried to flee the scene but the cowboy held him in a chokehold.

One store worker rushed to take the gun away from the floor for safety.

After a while the robber reappears in front of the camera without a shirt. Desperately trying to escape he gets his hands on a kitchen knife.

Once again the cowboy rushes to get a hold on him and successfully does so, while the other two workers disarm the knife on now beaten-down criminal.

The whole scenario ends with three men having a strong hold on the robber while a worker calls the police to report the incident.

The clip was shared on Reddit on 23rd April and it made it to the top page receiving a massive number of up-votes.

People praised the cowboy’s heroism on the site.

One said jokingly: ‘When you threaten an old man, and he takes his glasses off, you might want to reevaluate your life choices.’
Another quipped: ‘He didn’t even lose his hat – not his first rodeo.’ 

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