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These 9 Apps Can Help You Get a Healthy Life

In the modern world, the fast paced nature of life brings with it mere disruptions and less and less time to relax and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It becomes rather easy to overlook the requirements of your body. As a New Year dawns, odds are, you’ve made new year resolutions to yourself to set into shape or try to be at least be a little bit more healthy in 2015. Fortunately, in this age, you have the benefit of your computer, cell phone, iPods, and other devices to use the apps that are going to assist you to make good on resolutions this time around.

Change your smartphone into a personal fitness coach, yoga instructor or nutritionist with the help of these health apps!

1. Symple

Are you suffering from frequent shoulder pains or headaches appearing out of nowhere? Don’t worry, there’s an app to record those events when you encounter unexpected symptoms. Symple gives you the chance to keep track of up to 20 symptoms at once, also have daily notes and photos, keep a record of medications, exercise, and various other aspects that affect how you feel.

Another great option is an easy export feature, so after having collected enough information, one can pass it over to the doctor for review. If you feel like undergoing symptoms but can’t figure out why, give a try to the Symple solution.

2. SworkIt Pro

This app is body-weight based for circuit training, assisting you to segregate certain body parts to work on, and tailor your workouts. It features pre-loaded 12 workouts for anyone to utilize, whatever your fitness level is. SworkIt Pro costs $.99, is presented for iOS and Android and will surely keep you healthy.

3. Lose It! (free)

This instinctive app assists you observe the number of calories expended and burned on a day as you toil towards your goal of weight loss. Lose It! has a wide-ranging food database supporting calorie counts and diet info for things found in your food store, in the grocery corridor, and restaurants. It also has a feature for creating and saving recipes of your favourite meals. You can also record daily activity, select from more than 100 exercises extending from the mundane (cleaning) to the standard (aerobics) to the obscure (luge).

4. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is an app offering you admission to its assortment of over 3,000 recipes. This also has a search option for browsing by course, special diet, cuisine and more. Once you have found few dishes you’d like to test out at home, simply add the components to your shopping list.

4 - Whole Food Market

Want to bail on the excursion to the store? Just simply utilize the on-hand search to discover recipes that can be made from ingredients already present in your kitchen. This is a good way to experiment at trying out new tasty meals while staying on budget.

Visit Website: Whole Food Market

5. Cody

This is a free app for iOS letting you to take part in a fitness community where you can acquire new workouts and share with other people as well, while acquiring some tips for yourself in return. Here is a chance to meet new friends, and keep an eye on old ones with their own workout advancement.

Visit Website: Cody

6. KidsDoc

Finding being a first time parent hard, rest assured, you’re not the only one. KidsDoc app is modern day guidance to parents’ cry for help. There are 99 symptoms available and you can find information on best response to a child’s needs, whether it is a bee sting or a bloody nose. The trusted advice from this app is coming from the clinical protocols utilized by pediatricians and nurses in 10,000 around top institutions. Polish up your parenting game with this nifty app.

7. RunKeeper Pro

This app uses the help of GPS technology to tracks your pace, calories burned, and distance. Fix a goal pace before heading out and a “coach” tells you to speed up or slow down. Particulars of your run are posted online and there you are able to view your activity history. These results are shareable on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit Website: RunKeeper Pro

8. Lumosity

This is a training program especially aimed by neurologists to exercise to keep your brain healthy and increase your cognitive abilities. The Lumosity app has a sequence of fun and challenging games to exercise different regions of your brain. And, you can tailor your experience and keep a track of your progress on your brain profile. So now you have games for your phone actually making you smarter!

Source: Lumosity

9. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Are you waking up on some mornings and wondering why it is that you are feeling so drowsy after such a good night’s sleep? It is because when your alarm goes off, you are in a deep sleep, making you to feel more tired after you wake up. This Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock answers the problem by observing your movements while you are asleep and waking while you are in your lightest sleep phase. Healthy sleep equals healthy body.

There is also no need to worry about oversleeping. This app has a customizable space of up to 90 minutes, making sure you reach work on time. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock can also give sleep statistics and graphs each morning, making it easy for you to keep a track of your sleep cycles and make notes.