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‘He (shooter) attacked her first since she refused his advances,’ reveals mother of Santa Fe Tragedy’s victim

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A 16-year-old girl who lost her life in the recent Texas shooting – may have lost her life because she refused to acknowledge the shooter’s advances, according to her mother.

Sadie Rodriguez, the mother of Sana Fisher who lost her life in Santa Fe School tragedy, made a claim that the shooter named Dimitrios Pagoutzis had tried to get her daughter a number of months before he took the life of 10 people in the deadly attack.

‘He kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no,’ she told a news agency. ‘He continued to get more aggressive.’

Shana Fisher

She furthermore stated that her daughter took a stand against Pagourtzis in front of the whole class, which may have embarrassed him.

Her Facebook story states: ‘I want to help teachers and parents more aware of teens and their mental state. My daughter was the sweetest and shy young lady. She never hurt anyone. This boy. I can’t even do this. I can’t even finish this. it isn’t even fair. I have to stay strong for Kaylen her younger sister. My heart is being ripped out. my baby is gone. I can’t even go into her room. How do you continue to shoot, after seeing one die before our eyes? His mental state was all kinds of effed. Please help to make teachers and students aware of their surroundings and the mental state of their students and peers.’

It is evident from her statement that she wants to make awareness among parents and teachers about teens’ mental health issues.

She loved her daughter a lot and is heartbroken by the death of ‘the sweetest and shy young lady’ who ‘never hurt anyone.’

Pagourtiz, who stole his father’s shotgun and a .38 revolver, was arrested by the police on charges of capital murder and aggravated assault on a public servant, according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

The deadly shooting left 13 with injuries including an officer of the law. This was a 16th school shooting in the present year of 2018 alone, according to a number by The Washington Post.

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