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Harry Potter version of “Cards against Humanity” exists & this is what every adult Muggle needs!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Some Harry Potter fans have created an awesome card game and this is what every adult Muggle needs. The game is totally for the adults and the cards are not something to be played in a family gathering. This game is perfectly ridiculous and fun.

A little background history about these cards manufacturers says that they were forced to change the game name from Harry Potter to something un-named. Yes, because of the copyright issues. Also, the game isn’t available in the hard format instead you’ve to download it and print yourself. Yes, the cards are available un-named and can be taken in soft format from “The Card Game that can’t be Named“, to be later printed.

So, some fans actually modified the actual “Cards against humanity” game and made it more suitable for people having a dark sense of humor. The legendary game is being more likes in the Harry Potter version. The creators of this game are in no way associated with the Harry Potter franchise.

The game includes some swear words and also some NSFW humor. We can share some screen grabs of the card which were shared on the Instagram. The rest you can explore by taking a soft version from the Facebook page we mentioned above. The game consists of 1300 cards.

The box is beautiful and the title is authentic, “Card Gainst Muggles”. It is currently sold for $19.95.


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You’ll be paying for the digital download and you’ve to print all these cards yourself.

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The players of the game say that it’s a really fun game if you have a dark sense of humor. A good remake of the old legendary game.

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These cards might sound humiliating to some people but again we warn you for the same reason. If you have a small heart then don’t get a copy of these cards.

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