Harpy Eagle is so big that it looks like a human in costume

Harpy Eagle is just the kind of bird which can easily be mistaken for a human in costume. Do you know that a bird exists whose talon is just equal in size to the hand of a person? Well, this is true. Just take Harpy Eagle as an example which is now making rounds around the internet for its unusual huge size. The majestic eagle is so huge in size that people often misunderstand it as a human in costume.

Talking about the technical details, the eagle can weigh up to 10kg and it’s wingspan can reach up to 7 feet. It’s an amazing flying giant.

Harpy Eagle: A bird misunderstood as man in costume

Pictures of this eagle has been shared by crg339. Someone shared a picture of Harpy Eagle on subreddit, /r/NatureIsF-kingLit and it obtained around 92k likes. Those who saw it trending on internet got pretty much amazed. People could not believe that it the eagle had such a huge size. Therefore, it just went viral.

It’s also known by another name, American Harpy Eagle. There is one sad thing about these species, the destruction of their natural habitat has made these species pretty extinct around the world.

In order to prove the size of this eagle’s talons, DecorahPagent shared a picture on the internet through photobucket. The size of talon is just majestic as it can be seen in the above picture. This eagle is also found in Brazil and is often named as Royal Hawk. 

Why Harpy Eagle got misunderstood as a man in costume?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. Since, Harpy Eagle is not a common occurrence these days; therefore, to many people the uploaded and shared pictures made no sense. The distribution and population of this eagle species has dwindled quickly. The reason behind this reduction is cattle ranching, agriculture and prospecting.

Humans are also threatened by this eagle because of its large size being a problem to cattle animals. However, statistics show that it’s not much interested in preying on humans or on cattle animals. It’s just the fear which contributed to the reduction in population of Harpy Eagle.

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