Habitual beggar mom asks for food, guy offers her pizza, turns it down cos she & baby are vegans

Starting a controversial topic, begging for something because one thinks that it’s an easy route to earn more things is a heanous crime. Such a culture hampers those who are in an actual need. The needy often find it difficult to beg for something because they take it against their honour. The habitual people, on the other hand, find it quite easy to leave behind their self-respect.

Someone reported this mom on Reddit about seeking and begging things habitually on social media. The post read that the mom declared her kid and herself to be hungry. She was asking for food and some GoFundMe campaign charity. The post creator on Reddit also reported the mom to be a habitual beggar for rides, money and food.

Hiding the identity, the post creator on Reddit, brought this woman’s recent venture on Social Media. She was telling someone to give her and the kid some food. She also requested to feed some charity to her GoFundMe account. Someone offered her a pizza thinking the mom might be in need. The mom actually turned down the offer telling the guy who offered her a pizza that they recently have turned vegan. She instead preferred to turn the conversation towards her GoFundMe account.

They are having some conversation on Social Media, some guy offered the hungry mom a pizza

The woman instead decided to go otherwise because she had left her non-vegan diet since two months. Now, if that’s an excuse or something else, that’s totally up to the viewers/readers to decide. The post creator also spotted her several times begging for things. The point here is not to reveal the identity of the woman but to share some awareness.

The reason we’re writing it here is to help people avoid asking for help unless it’s not necessary. A habitual help-seeking thing can reduce one’s own self-respect. 

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