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Guy’s roommate cheats on him due to his girlfriend so he ends up selling roommate’s Xbox and 32-inch TV for $60 as a revenge

Craiglist is a place where one can place an ad to purchase or sell anything, service etc. This story is a bit twisted and involved a cheating girlfriend, but in the end, bro code rocked and the ad posters got a bro for life.

The story goes like this:

Brother and I wanted to buy an Xbox so we checked craigslist to see if anyone wanted to sell his console. This was the time when Xbox 360 elite had just hit the market. We were trying to find some cheap console which we may afford on our pocket money. Finally, after a lot of surfing, we found a guy who was selling his console for $110. We took his address and met him at his apartment.

He brought out his console along with 2 controllers and games. He says, “F*ck it, I’ll take $10. It ain’t even mine, it’s my roommate’s. I recorded him f*cking my girl and they don’t know it. I’m selling all their shit off as a revenge.”

“We’re both like, is this for real?”, astounded in the situation. We saw a TV and asked him if this too was his roommate’s. He threw a 32-inch widescreen TV in the deal for another $50. He then asked if we were hungry.

Xbox 360 and 32-inch-TV

4 hours later, we went to McDonald’s, got drunk and then went to playing pool at a local Billiards Hall. Dude gave us his phone number in case if we ever wanted to hang out again.

Fast forward, 10 years pass and things are now like this:

Both the brothers, who saw that ad on craigslist are on the Dude’s wedding. Dude finished college 2 years after these brothers met him the first time. He got a job for a salary of 300k a year in a banking branch at SC. All three of them still play video games and it proved to be one of the best craigslist ad.

So, they went to buy an Xbox ended up getting a bro for life.

Credits: Reddit/user/big-chugga

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