Guy wins $50,000 scholarship, girlfriend rejects it behind his back so he does not move away

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Eric Abramovitz is known to be a bright student among his peers. At the age of seven he studied from some of the best teachers in Canada. The guy is a winner of Canadian Music Competition and his brilliance does not end here, he won the same competition six times.

Around 2013, Abramovitz applied at his favourite college – Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles – to complete his bachelor’s degree. The intake of Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles gets full scholarship, if qualified. The scholarship includes room and money for meals along with the tuition fee. The total amount of scholarship roughly becomes equal to $50,000 a year.

Unfortunately, he could not get accepted in the institution. If accepted he would learn under Yehuda Gilad. Mr Gilad is considered as one of the best clarinet teachers. He could have been selected into a high paying symphony career after graduating from such a reputed institution.

Things were not always like this, in March 2014, Abramovitz was sent an acceptance letter of scholarship by Colburn Conservatory of Music.

Abramovitz never got the acceptance email. Jennifer Lee was a fellow student at McGill, she happened to by Abramovitz girlfriend at that time. She was living with him and had full control on his laptop – she was free to use his laptop since he trusted the girl.

Lee read the email and got scared that Abramovitz might move away. Thus, she deleted the email in fear. She did not want him to move away.

Lee created another email address and sent an email to Abramovitz pretending to be one of the spokesperson of Colburn Conservatory of music. In the fake email she wrote that Abramovitz has been declined to be given a scholarship. She further wrote that a $5000 scholarship is to be offered to Abramovitz for University of Southern California. Annual tuition fee at University of Southern California is $51,000 – fee which she knew her boyfriend could not just afford.

Later, Abramovitz learned somehow that he was deceived. He decided to sue his now ex-girlfriend in the court of law. Ontario Superior Court judge ruled in his favour telling the court that his life might have been different if he was allowed to join the university of his choice.

Last March, Abramovitz was given associate principal clarinet seat in Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

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