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Guy who started out ‘Area 51 Movement’ is now freaking out

The guy behind the campaign which was dubbed stupid and obnoxious, started by the motive to swarm area 51, is now freaking out of fear. He had no idea that the social media would be playing a significant role in promoting his stupid idea which according to him was started for sake of fun. Pranks and funny ideas can quickly get out of the hands, something similar which happened to this guy.

The idea of running into a US military base is totally absurd and that is against the national interests of the America. However, this guy not being in his right sense just started the event for sake of some fun. The event created on the Facebook just went viral and it invited people to swarm to the area 51 in a bid to find out the secret activities being taken out there; however, the creator is not terrified. 

The page was created at the end of the June by Matty Roberts. The guy lives in California and he did that for sake of some fun. The instructions in the description of the page are pretty hilarious, like if we use Naruto run then we can dodge them military personnel and can finally see aliens. However, after a few days that event page went viral and it went beyond the control. 

I waited for like three days and there were like 40 people and then it just completely took off out of nowhere. It was pretty wild.

Robert was pretty careful in revealing himself, but later he went online with an interview to the CNN. He said that initially the response was stupid but then it just took off. The guy started to fear that FBI was about to come to his house. A detailed report has been shared by 8Now.

Roberts in an interview said that he merely thought that it was a funny idea for making a meme out of a real situation.

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