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Guy unintentionally leaves garage seconds before Tornado hits and blows away entire house

This guy unintentionally makes a right call to leave the garage with his car. Otherwise, the incoming tornado might have given him a tough ride in the air along with his entire house. He just miraculously saved his life.

Watching the video gives goosebumps. The beginning of the video shows the guy enjoying a peaceful day in his house. He decides to leave his house and takes out his parked car from the garage. Moments later as he takes out his car rain starts to pour at the screen. The arbitrary direction of the rain pouring down showed the heavy wind speed. It might be around 300mph when the tornado started to build up.

The driver backed up the car from the garage. He then took a left turn only to watch heavy wind gathered around to form a tornado. Gradually the car started to get dragged on the ground. The pressure differential caused the car to get out of control. It didn’t take seconds and a firm tornado took away the entire house, right before the eyes of the dude who backed up the car from the garage.

A still from the dashcam video

The embedded picture on the left shows the intensity of the tornado. The left side of the house got torn apart due to the gushing winds. “We are not sure about the location of the tornado as this video emerged online.

It’s scary. The beginning was calm but the end served a pretty harsh warning concerning the natural disasters.

The entire video has been embedded below and you can watch it on the gfycat. The video must autoplay but in any case, if that doesn’t work then simply visit this website.

Here you go with the video.

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