Guy Trolls Neighbourhood With Fake Posters & Pranks People in a Unique Way

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Internet, or social media in particular have affected a huge aspect of every day life. One of the main industries that has been revolutionized is the advertising industry. Before the dot com boom, ads were physical, but now they have mostly become a memory of the past. After all, the new method of advertising is way more convenient than the previous one, as one had to design, print out and put up posters in the streets.

However, social media entertainers Alan Wagner and Sydney Marquez have taken the opportunity to transform the dying trend into hilarious comedy. They started making crazy yet hilarious physical meme posters.

Alan told a media outlet: “I knew I wasn’t sassy enough to make traditional memes. So I came up with the idea to make absurd stuff […] and act as though I just found it on the street. They’re inspired by anything I see or anything I might be thinking about. [Also] as someone who’s struggled with mental illness and never felt like they’ve fit in with what was considered “normal”, I want to attack normal.

He then told what inspired him to use this kind of comedy. Following are the top five posters from the collection of hilarious physical memes.

1- Finders keepers

Can you actually blame the guy for keeping such a magnificent animal, this poster is a right sort of treat to the owner. He shouldn’t have lost the horse at first place.

2- Please tell me it’s yours

It looks like he is desperate to get the birdie out of his house. He made a mistake of being nice only once and this is what he gets in return.

3- Monetization of one’s unique skill

This is such an amazing way to earn an extra buck and what’s even more amazing is that any age group can be benefited with this service.

4- Things done for love

You can see how much the guy is desperate to get help. The wife material is hard to be dealt with, this advertisement surely displays the same situation as a pun.

5- Open challenge

Bring this macho something that he cannot chop, as this prank advertisement is hilarious enough to make everyone confuse.

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