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Guy takes shortcut route suggested by Google Maps, learns a lesson of life

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Google maps is a good utility for someone who is new to a country or place. Google has done a good job because it saves time for travelers. Before Google maps they used to ask local residents of a place for the directions. With the advent of the technology and GPS, today people can travel with ease. However, a little common sense is also required while choosing the route suggested by a machine. Google Maps is human coded machine or software to be precise. The end user needs to be sharp sometimes. One can even save visited locations in Google Maps which adds to the utility.

Man takes directions using Google Maps on a mountainous path

Stuck in the mountains? Well, taking direction using a GPS is a wise decision but allowing an application to choose or make a path isn’t something wise. This guy used Google Maps to get a route for getting to his desired location. Little did he know that deciding to take a shortcut instead of the longer suggested path would cost him more fuel. The story was covered by Bored Panda, this guy was driving to a campsite in Australia’s gorgeous Blue Mountains

As reported in detail by Bored Panda, this man was travelling on an off the road route. He was using his heavily upgraded Ford Ranger. During the path which he took as a shortcut, he realized that he had committed a mistake.

The path was quite steep and it became harder for him to driver on such a road. The Ford however helped him keep up the pace. Because the path was bad enough, so he couldn’t drive back to the starting point. He kept on crossing the hurdles and ended up in a rain forest.

The guy took some photos while he was crossing these rivers. This scenery was breath taking so he couldn’t resist to share this with the outside world. Apparently, the path was difficult but the scenery was an added advantage.

While going on a path in the mountains, it was expected that he might come across some animals. He did come across Kangaroos and other animals. He also took the photos. In the above picture a Kangaroo is hiding in the open green, someone with sharp eyes can spot the Kangaroo. Other Kangaroos also came near to his Ford.

Later, he reached the camp site but he was 2 hours late. The path which he took was meant to take him to the camp site around 15 minutes earlier. However, this didn’t happen and he lost his time. Following was the trip which was shown to him by the Google Maps.

The learning experience of this man shows that one should be careful while taking Google Maps suggested trips in the middle of the mountains and forests. Sometimes it’s better to use common sense. He could have been lost in the mountains if his GPS or phone might have ran out of power.

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