Guy snapchats “sleeping” woman in the restaurant, not realising she was actually dead

Written by Wamiq Ali

This guy was making a comparison between him and the lady on next table. He thought that like him she too had eaten enough to rest on the chair. Meanwhile, he picked up his mobile and started to Snapchat the lady. Not realising that she was dead long before, he wrote a caption on the snap story, “Me”.

This image was posted on Twitter, with the reality. It got re-tweeted for 55k times and captured a lot of attention. Some people even took it in a negative way and re-quoted the tweet as a severe mistake. They thought that it wasn’t a good activity from the guy’s side. One guy took a step further and wrote:

If this is true you should be ashamed of yourself. That is someone’s family member & the fact an additional pic has been taken is DISGUSTING

Above was the second snap which he posted, he also asked for an apology from snap chat viewer base. He got quite shocked to learn the passing of the woman. There were people on Twitter who replied to the incident like this:

Some people posted quite weird Snapchats and it would be injustice with our viewers to not post those snaps.

I told Samuel L. Jackson to pose how he really felt like doing these kind of things

Never take your kids to work, this snap story affirms the same

Beat the Monday blues and focus on your work

Someone was behind me while I was cutting grass, I wondered, who?

Water did the magic, pretty funny magic!

My friend’s son picking up a book

Women will be Women

I had to watch it second time!

Best Idea Probably, but makes no sense!

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