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Guy shows how to kill a rattlesnake properly without cutting head off

A newly shared video on the internet is getting a lot of attention. The guy featured in the video was probably standing at Great Canyon and he sort of tried to make a tutorial video of killing a rattlesnake. He said that a lot of people going for hiking over mountains might encounter such snakes and they might panic over the situation. However, there is a way to kill a rattlesnake without cutting the head off and the exactly showed that way.

A lot of people will have different opinions on this particular video, some might be against snake killing while others might be applauding the guy for being crazy and carefree. The guy in the video spotted a rattlesnake and he went ahead and picked the snake from its end. He then whipped the snake like a towel on the rock and this broke snake’s neck and killed it on the spot.

He then advised people to whip the neck whenever someone gets into a rattlesnake situation. He also added that a lot of people try to crush the head of the snake while the snake still can bite them because his venomous teeth are intact and he can move his neck, but the whip method totally turns the snake dead.

If you can’t see some blood or animal killing then I advise you to not play the video below because it might arouse emotions. However, if you are cool with expeditions and animal hunting then you are allowed to play the video.

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