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Guy asserts his ‘apparently’ pet snake as dog & ruins his potential date

Written by Wamiq Ali

Don’t be an over smart even if you are trying to impress that girl with cheap tactics then that is simply not going to work. I am not sure that why this guy is calling his pet snake a dog? This is quite strange. It is quite an awkward conversation which left his potential date into absolute confusion. He might be trying to prove something here or he might be trying to play the dumb card but reading the conversation it is quite clear that whatsoever he was trying isn’t going to work out very well. I mean who does this thing at his first encounter with some girl. It is absolutely going to make him look like an idiot.

This guy got matched with a girl on Tinder and all he is seemingly trying to do is to impress this girl to earn some dating points. But if you read this conversation below then I am sure that you will have an understanding of this entire incident. A stupid one, yes, a pain to read, yes, but bear with me, you’ll have fun!

Alright he himself brought up the topic of a dog and this is how he wanted to start the conversation and it is apparently going in the right direction from the outset but then definitely it is a big no-no.

This is not an end of this conversation and there is definitely more evidence of his stupidity or maybe another smart move to dump a girl before time. But why he wanted to waste his time? May be for sake of some fun!

I fail to comprehend the motives of this guy behind this particular way of starting a conversation but if you, in any way you got any clue amidst the conversation then summarise it up for the rest of the audience.

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