Guy schools ignorant woman who mocked him for being ‘Dirty’ and ‘Uneducated’

Never try to judge a book by its cover, this is a long accepted proverb which must be exercised by judging the character of an individual. So, this woman judged this guy for being Dirty and Uneducated, fortunately, the guy was smart enough to teach her a lesson. Now, if we see this from a feminist perspective then the guy will feel like doing something wrong. It is hard to not practice prejudice sometimes but if someone makes a little effort then he can remove the clouds of biasedness completely.

A young man, Andy Ross had an education conversation with a daughter and her mother. The mother saw this man dirty and thus she told her daughter, “that is why you need to go to school.” The daughter was earlier staring Andy, the mother had told her daughter to stop staring the man. Later she gave a reason of school.

The conversation went on like this and Andy Ross along with Allthechaos made a list to share with the internet.

The guy started a healthy conversation. The incident happened at a store. A kid was staring the at guy due to his dishevelled look. A mother was callous enough to leave a discriminating comment. Most people will argue that the guy acted like a snowflake.

The guy only appeared to be uneducated, however, he had a medical diploma and a college degree. Thus, he decided to break the prejudice of the woman and make her learn something. He co-owned Evergreen State Outdoors and was enjoying his job.

The message was sent out loud, it’s not about the appearance but the inside. The inside counts more than the visual appearance. Sometimes a person might look perfect from the outside but in reality he is just dirty inside. The guy was not sure if the lady learned her lesson but he was sure about one thing that he decided to play a role to better the world.

Who else thinks that the guy did something good? Does anyone believe that he over reacted?

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