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Guy savagely trolls person who stole his sister’s phone, & then things escalated quickly

Imagine a situation where your phone just goes missing. Well, the first thought would be to rescue the damn phone. Because of so many important contacts and those important reminders which are required to keep your day going smoothly. What if it’s stolen? Then your sibling, later on, tells you about creepy messages where you asked him to give yours phone code! What?

So, this girl in our today’s story actually gets her phone stolen by a criminal and later the criminal decided to text her brother in order to seek phone’s code.

It’s like a regular phone theft story. The thief gets the phone, finds out that it’s been locked, tries to unlock the phone, texts the brother to find the code. Wait, here is a twist!

The brother happened to be quite smart and he decided to figure out a way to not only troll the thief but also to get the phone back. Well, really smart brother!

The thief pretended to be his sister and tried asking the phone pass code to reset the device.

The 6 digits are the maximum limit of the passcode. The thief was trying to be smart but the brother knew his intentions and he at once started to play the exact role in order to get the phone back.

The brother told the thief to save his life, he assured him to give away the phone or something bad was going to happen.

Guess what? The thief actually returned the phone to the police. He returned that to the lost and found department.

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