Guy responds to his own Police wanted post on Facebook and this is hilarious

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Imagine someone responding to his own Police wanted post, this would be an amazing scenario of someone attempting to be ironical to the police. Well, this is a plain irony, and this actually happened in real life. Police mostly attempts to share the images of the absconders, those who are not captured with normal and traditional ways. This they do in order to get some information of the whereabouts of the suspected criminals. Thus it’s a way of information gathering.

Something similar was done by the police when they shared an image of the criminal on the Facebook. Surprisingly the criminal replied to this particular post. Mostly people change their appearance or they try to hide from the police, but this one guy turned this situation into quite a hilarious one. He went viral on the internet. Anthony Akers was a different case, he didn’t attempt to hide.

Richland WA Police shared a post on the social media with an appeal to get the information about Anthony Akers. Little did the police knew that they were paving way for something hilarious and outstanding. They had been looking for this guy since too long. Police posted an update seeking any information, it read as follows:

Wanted Wednesday! Anthony Akers (38) is wanted by the Department of Corrections for Failure to Comply. If you have any information please call 509-628-0333

Everyone who saw the post commented below it, but this one guy whose name was Anthony Akers commented below the post, “Calm Down, I’m going to turn myself in.” This was the most epic and hilarious moment for those who had already came across the post. Ofcourse, Akers didn’t turn himself in immediately. One person who followed the conversation shared the story. The 38yo played the classic card of keeping the police waiting. The police department after a couple of days were still waiting for the criminal to turn himself in.

Police even offered him a lift to the station. 

Hey Anthony! We haven’t seen you yet. Our business hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday. Of course if you need a ride you can call non-emergency and we will pick you up.

Akers then explaind that why he hadn’t come to the police station and he also tried to clear his stance on the matter.

thank you, tying up a couple loose ends since I will probably be in there a month. Should be there in the next 48 hours.

After a couple of weeks someone out of his curious nature asked the police department if Akers had turned himself in, the answer was in negative. However, a couple of days later, Akers was nice enough to send another message.

Dear RPD, its not you, its me. I obviously have commitment issues. I apologize for standing you up, but let me make it up to you. I will be there no later then lunchtime tomorrow, I know you have no reason to believe me after what i did to you, but I promise that if I don’t make it on my own by lunchtime tomorrow I will call for a ride to assist me with my commitment issues. Thank you in advance to your response if you are patiently giving me another chance with us, I know I dont deserve it. P.S. You’re beautiful. [sic]

The rest of the story need not to be mentioned. He turned himself in and shared the picture in comments.

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